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Land Ahoy m’ Beauties

Here is a nautical theme well sort of lol its more a sexy look. The amazing sim is worth a visit too. West Of The Rain  If you like what you see then please like my blog or add me on Flickr you beautiful person you. Look out for the ‘where jack’ moment haha.


Loving being by the ocean and nothing wrong with a wee bit of glamour too.








Urban its all about the Style

I love to dress in oversized or male looking clothes and give it a woman’s touch Urban at its best, you don’t have to have to wear figure hugging revelling  clothes to look sexy.  Girl Power.

Loving the style heres how


Fashion Second Life · Second Life Fashion

Sexy Denim

Who says you can’t be sexy when a rambling in the great outdoors well we don’t feel the cold so here is my sexy country rambling girl look.


Sexy outdoor look some bargins in there too and check out the amazing short I’m sure i heard the reindeer say nice bum lol


Fashion Second Life · Second Life Fashion

Nothing Wrong with a bargain

Here our my bargains of the week…..go get ladies

We all love a bargain here are a few of mine not including my skin and body we all know how expensive they are ahhhhhhh but i love a good bargain don’t we all, here are a few i found in this months events. Happy Shopping all under 300L$

Fashion Second Life · Second Life Fashion


Wanna do Yoga mmmmmmm nahhhhhh wanna go swimming mmmmmm nahhhhhh lets just hang and look fabulous hehe.

Just hanging at home who needs an excuse to look fabulous.

Its all about the chill out on a Sunday afternoon much todo about nothin……

Fashion Second Life · Second Life Fashion

British HipHop

I love to get down and party, cool and funky day style.


  • Body: Maitreya Mesh Body Lara Maitreya
  • Head: Catwa Mesh head Annie, Catwa
  • Skin:[HUSH] Skins Shannon Creamy,[ HUSH ] Skins
  • Hair: Quiet Afterthought Natural Fusions 2, EXILE @ Covet
  • Gold Hoop Earring:[MANDALA]SENJYU Earring [MANDALA]
  • Rings: ieQED jessi.rings.copper, ieQED
  • Pumps & Socks: fri.Dottie, friday
  • Jacket:Krautuve studded running jacket adidos blue =krautuve=
  • Shorts:Havana short black, [sYs] Fashion Store 

For a differnt look check it out.

Happy Shopping lovely people.